World's First CVD Graphene Film Mass Production Completed The Only One In The World Successful Development Of Graphene Application Products

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Technology that opens the future, Graphene

GrapheneLab Strong Point
GrapheneLab Strong Point

Enable Manufacturing of High-Quality, Large Area

Transparent Electrode Next-Generation Flexible Material

Electrode Material Sensors For Energy, For Electrode Devices

GrapheneLab Technology Possessed
GrapheneLab Technology Possessed

CVD Graphene Sensor Technology

CVD Graphene Patterning Technology

Large Area CVD Graphene Inspection Technology

CVD Graphene Production/Commercialization Technology

World's Best Large Area Graphene Production

GrapheneLab Commercial Application
GrapheneLab Commercial Application

FMM(Fine Metal Mask)

OLED Encapsulation

GLO(LLO alternative technology)

A Transparent Plane Heating System

Secondary Battery

Hydrogen Gas Sensor

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Product information Introduction of GrapheneLab’s Products
  • CVD Graphene Film Molding Technology
  • Fine Metal Mask
  • A Heating Product (Transparent planarheating element)
  • EUV Pellicle
company Introduction of
GrapheneLab Co., Ltd.

has more than 10 years of experience starting from Samsung to secure film manufacturing, circuit printing, mass-production, and commercialization technologies in CVD graphene, and has the technology to commercialize the business. The unique CVD technology has synthetic know-how, surface resistance technology, and most importantly, the process and design technology required to mass-produce CVD graphene. It is also the world's first large-area CVD film production, producing materials for various businesses.

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